AFB B-Sides: Letter of Aristeas

Apocrypha for Beginners includes over 50 different apocrypha, but there are, of course, myriad more. This is part of a series of “B-sides”: posts about apocrypha that weren’t included in the book. Letter of Aristeas Facts Also known as: Letter of Pseudo-Aristeas, Letter to Philocrates Author: Unknown, a Hellenistic Jew living in diaspora in Alexandria; attributed … Continue reading AFB B-Sides: Letter of Aristeas

What’s Featured in Apocrypha for Beginners? As the marketing description promises, Apocrypha for Beginners features "More than 50 apocrypha―Delve into a variety of apocrypha from different eras and cultures, like the Book of Enoch, the Gospel of Judas, and more." In the introduction, I say that the book includes "some of the most important for the histories of Judaism and … Continue reading What’s Featured in Apocrypha for Beginners?

The Book of Cerne Harrowing of Hell: A Translation

Harrowing of Hell in the Tiberius Psalter (London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius; c.1050), folio 14r. This piece of dramatic liturgy retelling the Harrowing of Hell (in Latin) survives in the ninth-century Book of Cerne (Cambridge, University Library, Ll.1.10; 820x840, Mercia), on folios 98v–99v. This verse text is based on the Latin Pseudo-Augustine Sermo 160, … Continue reading The Book of Cerne Harrowing of Hell: A Translation