Brandon W. Hawk

DH Values Statement Planning


Several weeks ago, I was reading Lisa Spiro’s contribution to Debates in the Digital Humanities, “‘This Is Why We Fight’: Defining the Values of the Digital Humanities,” and thought she raised some great points for launching further discussion and reflecting on some DH values. I wondered what had come of her call to the wider DH community, and headed to Twitter to ask my question:

My tweet had some great responses, so I put them together on Storify.

As the twittersation had unfolded, what became apparent was that an over-arching statement may not be helpful, but a platform to collect various statements would. Because of this, Tom Scheinfeldt (@foundhistory) suggested (with a second from Anna Kijas, @anna_kijas) that I propose a session to work on this project at the upcoming THATCamp New England, this Friday and Saturday, October 18-19. So I did just that (session proposal here). Needless to say, I’m excited to see where this idea could go.

I’m hoping to work on this project at THATCamp New England this weekend, but even if my session doesn’t happen, I’m still planning to pursue this project, so I welcome any ideas, feedback, input, etc.